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Dr Trevor Brown speaks with Dr Leslie Sherlin about his experience in measuring peak performance brain activity and working trialing...
Research into effective treatments for Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), have covered varied methodologies over the years...
Frank Schmidt-Staub, a psychiatrist and neurologist, is using tDCS to treat depression, anxiety disorders, stroke and more. Read what he...
On World Mental Health Day neurocare shares the latest innovations changing the way we treat and diagnose mental health
The first clinical study on the effect of neurofeedback in adult patients with ADHD has been successfully carried out at the University of...
When administered correctly Neurofeedback is an evidence-based and medication-free brain-training technique which helps people of all ages...
More and more evidence shows a connection between ADHD and sunlight exposure, whereby children who are exposed to more sun in the mornings...
New study shows brain activity measured by QEEG can help predict which children may or may not respond to medications for ADHD
Researchers compare methods of treating ADHD in children and find that Neurofeedback, a medication-free technique, has long lasting effects...
A research team in Germany publishes strongest level of evidence for SCP neurofeedback as a valid intervention of ADHD.
In an article recently published in Psychiatric Annals (Vol 46), Dr. Kerstin Mayer and Dr. Martijn Arns review the evidence for the...

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