Help for ADHD, depression and pain

Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression and chronic pain have a significant impact on our well-being. Furthermore, depression has become a prevalent and widespread disease. According to WHO statistics, approximately 15% of all people in industrialised nations have suffered a depressive episode at least once in their life. Whilst many therapies are available, in many cases people do not respond positively to conventional treatment, or may greatly suffer the side effects. These people can be helped. Combining more than ten years of research and practice, neurocare has the alternative.

Neurofeedback therapy has been proven to have a lasting effect in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders such as ADHD. We further adopt magnetic brain stimulation (rTMS) ​in the treatment of depression and obsessive compulsivity. In many cases our clients have reduced or entirely eliminated the use of medication.

Solutions for



Effective in children, youths and adults.


Around two-thirds of affected individuals respond to therapy favourably.


A noticeable effect is often felt within just 90 minutes.


Nerve cells are able to relearn even years after a stroke.

The need in mental health

350 m.

people in the world

are currently suffering from depression

36,4 m.

children worldwide

are diagnosed with ADHD

2 bn.

people worldwide

suffer from chronic headaches and migraines

15 m.


suffer a stroke each year

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