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Precision TMS Therapy:  Efficiency and efficacy intersect to achieve a new standard in depression treatment.

Innovation driving results

A world-class TMS Therapy System now with FDA approval.

Discover the next generation of TMS with Apollo TMS Therapy.  With modern and user-friendly features, Apollo TMS Therapy offers a superior treatment with industry-leading biphasic pulse width to optimize cortical neuron activation.  A quiet and energy-efficient coil design drives operational advantages and patented safety features ensure you are providing the best care.


Leading TMS Technology & Software

Apollo TMS Therapy System

An industry-leading system for clinical practice of TMS Therapy, now with FDA approval.

Apollo TMS Accessories

See our range of coil and chair options, Made in Germany to highest quality and safety standards.

Apollo TMS Software

User-friendly software designed for daily clinical practice of TMS Therapy. HIPAA compliant and helps to manage reimbursement.

DataLink for Apollo

Remotely plan and manage the patient’s TMS treatment session which can be then retrieved from any Apollo TMS device in your clinic network.

Empowering best practice

We are on a mission to positively impact mental illness and improve mental performance while delivering the most effective and sustainable outcomes through personalized therapy—enabling best practice by integrating technology, science, and empathy.


Professional Training in Apollo TMS

Online TMS Course

Learn the theory and delivery of TMS with a convenient online, self-paced course delivered by neurocare academy

Train Your Team In TMS

Find out how you can train your team to safely use and administer TMS with the Apollo TMS Therapy Certification program

What is TMS?

Do you suffer Depression and you are looking to find out if TMS is the right therapy for you?  We have more information for patients under the link below, or find a clinic and speak with one of our trusted Apollo TMS Providers in your area.


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Support for Coding & Reimbursement

The insurance process can be complicated.
Apollo Reimbursement Support Team is a trusted resource in navigating your patient's coverage and reimbursement.

We offer ongoing reimbursement training to meet your practice needs and collaborate with other providers and patients to remove any barriers to reimbursement.

Want to see Apollo TMS in action? Access our Demonstration Video

Empowering Best Practice

Find out how you can take your practice to the next level


Experienced Consultants

Our sales team has over 30 years of combined TMS experience and offers technology & training packages tailored to your practice needs.


Reimbursement Specialists

Our dedicated team of specialists can help you navigate your patients' coverage and reimbursement.


Technology Experts

Our friendly team of technical experts are available to answer all your Apollo device support questions.