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We guide you and your team through correct delivery TMS. You can be sure you are following best practices with Neurocare’s expert team.

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We offer a convenient, online course taking professional through the theory, research, case studies and requirements to deliver TMS effectively and ethically in clinical practice. Here you will also see practical demonstration videos you can have access to for up to 6 months. Learn from the convenience of your home or office setting and receive discounts when enrolling your team as a group.

Course Content

All lessons are followed by a short test with a final online exam given at the end.

01. rTMS Background,: Physics, History & Equipment
1b. The invention of TMS
2. rTMS basics: stimulation parameters
3. rTMS basics: safety
4. rTMS in Depression: An early literature review
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Get practical TMS training for your team

Neurocare provides multiple day onsite training at no cost for you and your team at the time of installation of the your new Apollo TMS Therapy system. Additional training and clinical support post installation is available on request for a fee.


Receive ongoing support & training

Our expert team will be by your side to offer additional support and training for you or your team.  Pre-purchase training hours or let us know your practice needs and we will get back to you with a proposal.  Our trainers can provide support and training remotely or they can visit your practice by arrangement.



We guide you and your team through the correct delivery and advanced protocols of TMS  following best practices with neurocare’s expert team in the US.


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