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neurocare is a leading TMS manufacturer with the goal to empower practitioners and researchers with best-in-class systems for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.


TMS systems for clinical practice

Apollo TMS system

Made in Germany by leading TMS manufacturer Mag & More, the Apollo TMS system provides for daily clinical practice.

PowerMAG TMS System

PowerMAG Touch is a simple-to-use ambulant treatment system. The system can be used for a wide range of applications and is capable to run multiple sessions per day over a long ...

TMS systems for research

PowerMAG TMS systems for Research

Opens up new application possibilities in TMS research. Surpassing every expectation placed on a highly developed medical device, the PowerMAG belong to the top class of magnetic ...

DuoMAG XT-100

The DuoMAG XT is a compact bi-phasic stimulator for TMS applications in research  settings or in clinical practice - for advanced stimulation options, such as Theta-burst ...


Single pulse Mono-phasic stimulator used primarily for diagnostic purposes when combined with EMG systems in MEP or collision studies.

DuoMAG® MP-Dual

The DuoMAG® MP-Dual combines two DuoMAG® MP units to provide fully programmable paired pulse stimulation through a single stimulating coil.

TMS-Neuronavigation Systems

Leading TMS Neuronavigation systems for advanced practice and research


TMS chairs & accessories

TMS Treatment Chair

Portable treatment chair is mounted on 4 wheels, has a short backrest and an extendable as well as removable neck roll.

Apollo TMS Chair

Create an inviting therapy environment with this custom-designed chair for TMS treatment.

rTMS Cortex Chair

Specially designed and customised by Brainclinics in The Netherlands, for daily clinical use of TMS.

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TMS: application (booklet)

TMS: effectiveness in studies (booklet)


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