Apollo TMS System

The Apollo TMS Therapy System is designed to make TMS therapy easy and intuitive to use for the operator and accomplishes this with unique, high-quality design.

Apollo TMS

A new standard in depression treatment


The Apollo TMS Therapy System allows for safe and effective TMS treatment for us in psychiatry in the treatment of depression.  The system allows for 19-minute stimulation duration.  The patient is awake and alert during treatment and can resume normal activities after a session.

Benefits of application:

Designed for enhanced depression therapy
Innovative streamlined workflow for safety and effectiveness
Head movement possible during treatment
Protocol safety check
No expensive disposables
No pay per use system
Reasonably priced basic system with upgrade options
Multiple sessions possible during a day
Save time with streamlined workflows inbuilt in system

Features of the Apollo TMS Therapy System

Adjustable device positioning
Comfortable head rest and neck support
Silent non-mechanical cooling system
One coil for both MT determination and treatment
Compatible with other chairs
Touch screen user interface with “Stimware”
“Figure of 8” one fits all cooled coil
Theta-Burst stimulation available
MEP-option optional
Automatic MT determination procedure

Apollo TMS Therapy System™ Chair

The Apollo TMS Therapy System is available with an adjustable ergonomic chair, creating a pleasant and unique treatment atmosphere. This chair supports the patient’s back at different angles while the patient may comfortably rest with their feet up.
Customize your treatment environment with the different colours of the Apollo TMS Therapy System™ Chair.

All fabrics are cleanable with standard disinfection cleaning materials.



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Apollo TMS Therapy Brochure

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