tDCS Courses & Workshops

neurocare academy presents the emerging evidence and practical application of tDCS for a wide range of indications.

Online tDCS Course

Professionals can now access the online course ‘An Introduction to tDCS’ covering the theory and technical requirements of tDCS and guidelines for clinical practice. This is an ideal theoretical foundation for professionals considering tDCS for their practice or research.

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Hands-on practical tDCS workshops

tDCS Training Course

Attend a practical tDCS workshop with neurocare academy to gain experience with leading tDCS systems and personalisation techniques. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in our training centres across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Through our global network the neurocare academy can arrange an experienced trainer to come to you. Custom group training packages are available by request.


Do you need ongoing tDCS or tES supervision?

We connect you with experienced tDCS and tES supervisors and trainers, worldwide to help you and your team follow best-practice.

Custom training packages can cover:

Advice on tDCS systems
Other off-label applications of tDCS
Advice on research design and equipment needs
Ongoing remote consultation
Patient case supervision
Advice on escalation protocols
General practice requirements e.g. administration

Our expert presenters & trainers

Learn from experienced tDCS trainers

Dr Trevor Brown (PhD, QEEG-D)

Neuroscientist & Global Academy Manager
Based in Australia.

Ines Mynttinen

Engineer & Product Specialist

Based in Germany.

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Find a tDCS Practical Workshop in our global training network


neurocare academy runs practical tDCS workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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neurocare academy runs practical tDCS workshops in The Netherlands, by request.

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neurocare academy runs practical tDCS workshops throughout Germany

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