ActTrust Actigraph

Sleep Hygiene Assessment tool for patient care

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Why use Actigraphy?


Actigraphy with ActTrust supports the therapy of psychological disorders, such as ADHD or depression. The device allows you to:

assess factors contributing to the development of sleep disorders, such as activity levels, sleep-wake routines and exposure to blue light throughout the day
monitor and treat sleep disorders, such as sleep-onset insomnia, sleep maintenance problems, circadian rhythm disorders, chronic fatigue
monitor the efficacy of light therapy, behavioural, pharmacological or neuromodulation therapies (rTMS, tDCS, neurofeedback)

Features of ActTrust

ActTrust Features


Light sensor: Red / Green / Blue, measures ambient light intensity and intensity of each spectrum independently
Accelerometer: 2 axes, resolution 12 bit, 25 Hz
Measurement intervals of 1- 86.400 seconds
Event marker for custom analytics
Temperature sensors for body temperature and ambient temperature
Records and stores data continously for up to three months
Robust, splash-proof casing
Data transfer via USB docking station
Software compatible with Windows and Mac OS
The original Actigraph by Condor Instruments

With advanced light sensor technology, this device is intended for daily clinical use on loan to clients to assess sleep hygiene, exposure to blue light and sleep routines.

ActTrust uses a harder plastic and is, therefore, less prone to scratches and surface damage. Therefore, use ActTrust for children or people you expect to expose the device to mechanical stress.

ActTrust has a longer battery life and therefore longer charging cycles. It is suitable if the device is away from your practice/institution for a longer period of time.

AcTrust by Condor-1

Precision actigraphy with time display

Our newest actigraph. It combines all functions of the ActTrust, but also features a time display and additional sensors.

The ActTrust 2 offers the same technical functions as ActTrust. The difference is the optics. ActTrust2 is not only much smaller, lighter and more elegant. The digital time display on the LCD display replaces the wristwatch and make the device look more like a classic activity wristband than a medical instrument.

Like the ActTrust 1,  the ActTrust 2 provides sensors for light intensity and RGB-IR light.

ActTrust 2 by Condor-1

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Product Specifications ActTrust ActTrust 2
Weight (without band) 38 g 35 g
Dimensions (without band) 47 mm x 31 mm x 12 mm 39 mm x 30 mm x 11.9 mm
Memory 4MB 8MB
Max. sampling period on one battery charge 3 months 3 months
Upload to PC via USB docking station
Splash proof
Activity tracker
Ambient light sensor
Red / Green / Blue Light sensor
Infrared light
Body temperature
Ambient temperature
Event marker
LCD time display X

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ActStudio - software for Actigraphy analysis


ActStudio is innovative analysis software for ActTrust and ActTrust2. The software ActStudio is included with all ActTrust devices. The connection to your computer is established via the docking station ActDock.

Features of the software include: 

detailed analysis of important sleep parameters: time taken to fall asleep (sleep onset latency - SOL), wake after sleep onset (WASO), sleep efficiency and number of awakenings.
graphical representations of various chronobiological functions and environment factors
automatic reports for clinical and scientifice use