Integrated & personalised care

neurocare recognizes that each patient’s treatment needs are individual. We deliver a personalized therapy approach by combining innovative therapies for sustainable and best clinical outcomes.


Seek a new approach

Patients have been let down by mainstream mental health treatments which lack personalization and offer little sustainable effects.  At neurocare, we are here to offer a different solution, addressing a growing and unmet medical need through the Digital Therapy Platform embedded in our clinics worldwide.

Help your brain heal itself

We harness your brain‘s natural ability to heal and self-regulate.   We do this through a personalized and non-invasive therapy approach. These treatments may offer faster and more sustainable outcomes, typically completed within three months1.

Benefit from best clinical outcomes

Clinicians at neurocare are empowered to provide best practice, embedded in our Digital Therapy Platform. Our treatment protocols show high response and remission rates and minimize unwanted side effects.

Delivering best outcomes for patients


Who we help


Recognize the signs and find fast-active effective treatments for sustainable recovery.


There are now treatment options for children and adults with ADHD, to offer long-term help and address the underlying cause.


Learn about your options for targeted therapy to address the underlying cause of sleeplessness and sleep disorders.

Anxiety disorders

A combined and tailored approach can help treat anxiety and empower you to improve resilience.

Stress & Burnout

The overwhelming symptoms of stress and burnout can be addressed to help you know your body and get back on track.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

There are now innovative and personalised techniques to help patients with OCD recover long term.

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