General advice

Backup your data

We strongly recommend regular data backups to make sure no relevant data is lost.


Check if the problem might be caused by an application error. Are all plugs inserted properly and are the sensors fixed correctly? Make sure all cables are intact and plugs do not show signs of corrosion.

Refer to checklists

In case you have to send the device to our premises for servicing, please make sure to pack all components incl. all cables (usually a device has to be complete for servicing). Please follow the instructions on the checklists attached below in order to avoid missing components.

Correct shipment

If you need to send in your device, kindly ensure that all components, including all cables, are securely packed. This will allow us to thoroughly test the system for you.

To ensure your device arrives safely, we recommend selecting secure packaging and insuring the shipment. It may also be beneficial to retain the original boxes.

Checklist for returning your device for service

  • Checklist: THERA PRAX® MOBILE

  • Checklist: THERA PRAX® QEEG

  • Checklist: NEURO PRAX® EEG / MR / TMS/tES


  • Checklist: DC-STIMULATOR MC