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For Healthcare Professionals in Australia  looking to offer  advanced techniques in neuromodulation.  Get started in an online course then join us in one our practical workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other sites by request.

rTMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments

RANZCP accredited

Become certified to deliver TMS on the MBS. This RANZCP accredited course covers everything you need to know to conduct clinical treatment effectively and safely.

An introduction to tDCS

tDCS in clinical practice

Our transcranial Direct Current Stimulation training takes you through the theory, clinical application and practical techniques needed to integrate tDCS into clinical practice.

Neurofeedback training courses

Courses and custom training

We offer two neurofeedback courses. The first is a BCIA certified training course covering Neurofeedback therapy for ADHD and sleep problems and the second looks at Slow Cortical Potentials.

Start with an online course in TMS, tDCS or Neurofeedback


neurocare's Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform for professionals to gain access to theory, history and case presentations covering a range of modalities. Healthcare professionals can register today to access our training:

  • (r)TMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments
  • Neurofeedback in ADHD & Insomnia (BCIA course)
  • an Introduction to SCP Neurofeedback
  • an Introduction to tDCS

For further experience and practice with these technologies, you can then follow these courses with a hands-on practical workshops in one of our training centres worldwide.

*Note: whilst we recommend the online coures as an ideal first step in training, certification is only given upon completion of a follow-up hands-on component (see below).

Practical workshops & supervision with Australia's leading experts

After you have completed your online course, professionals are invited to visit one of our practical training workshops held  frequently in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other special locations.  

We conduct hands-on workshops to complement our online theoretical modules. Participants have the opportunity to attend a 2-hour workshop on tDCS and an afternoon workshop on rTMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). These workshops are often scheduled on the same day, catering to professionals interested in both techniques.

View our upcoming practical workshop events on our Eventbrite page

These workshops are typically organized and led by experienced neuroscientist and trainer, Dr. Trevor Brown, together with the neurocare clinical staff. We look forward  to welcoming other healthcare professionals who are eager to explore and implement these innovative and evidence-based techniques in their clinical practice!

Neurofeedback Application Training Course

Custom training and supervision for your team

As experts in the field, neurocare understands the importance of catering to your specific organizational needs. That's why in addition to our standard training courses, we offer custom training options that can be tailored to suit you. Whether it's a short video conference or an on-site presentation and workshop, we are here to provide the training and support that best suits your team.

Use the online enquiry form to let us know your needs and expectations for training or call us direct on (02) 8317 5034.

Business Development Partnerships

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We have opportunities for third-party clinics to partner with neurocare either in your existing practice or for new start-up locations. Our partners benefit from access to our global specialist teams, research and technology.

Enquire today about training, technologies & licensee opportunities.

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Call (02) 8317 5034

Call the number to enquire about our online courses, any upcoming training event or a custom training for your team.

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Write to us with your questions regarding our online courses, any upcoming training event or a custom training for your team.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower therapists with evidence-based understanding of how to integrate neuromodulation techniques such as TMS and Neurofeedback into clinical practice.

Our courses are developed by a global network of scientists, researchers, and clinicians following correct and proven protocols and drawing on the most current research and clinical evidence. Incorporating both theory and hands on learning, neurocare’s training provides healthcare professionals with the clinical knowledge and practical experience they need to successfully incorporate neuromodulation techniques into their clinics.


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Are you a patient interested in our clinical services?

Are you a patient interested in our clinical services?

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