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Alongside our growing network of treatment centres, neurocare provides technology, business development and training solutions for practitioners and researchers worldwide. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals with the skills, business support and equipment they need to integrate neuromodulation and personalised therapeutics into clinical best practice.
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Information for Healthcare Professionals

Information for Referrers

Discover further information on how you can refer your patients to neurocare's highly personalised mental health programs, which include TMS Therapy, now rebated by Medicare.

Professional Training in TMS, tDCS and more

The neurocare academy brings global expertise to healthcare professionals in Australia, interesting in applying innovative techniques such as TMS, tDCS or EEG Biofeedback ...

Neuromodulation Products & Technologies

We are part of a global group helping professionals gain access to leading neuromodulation technologies for clinical practice or research.

The Science Behind What We Do

neurocare has partnered with researchers worldwide, to better understand the effects of our highly personalised neuromodulation programs.

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We are here to help you advance your practice in using the latest innovations in personalization and neuromodulation

News & Insights
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Are you a patient interested in our clinical services?

Are you a patient interested in our clinical services?

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