PowerMAG Research Systems

Allowing for new applications in TMS research

PowerMAG Research System
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Features of the PowerMAG Research
TMS System

The PowerMAG´s are designed for the specific needs of your TMS research. Its interfacing technology creates a whole new experience in combining TMS with other methods, such as EEG, EMG and MRI. TMS’s major contribution to neuroscience research is the fact that it can demonstrate causality and induces inhibition or facilitation. Moreover, the excellent temporal resolution of TMS can be investigated by using EEG recording and its spatial resolution can be shown by using MRI.

  • full power output (100% intensity) up to 15 Hz with all stimulators
  • no decreasing of pulse power during stimulation
  • full external controllability with analogue, digital and trigger interface
  • free setting of every single pulse (shape, orientation, intensity)
  • high speed sync out interface (in selected countries)
  • continuous EEGs to be recorded without any power line noise or recharging artifacts
  • prepared for use with PowerMAG View! 3D Neuronavigation System
  • usable with all MAG & More coils
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Stimulators PowerMAG lab 30 PowerMAG lab 100 PowerMAG EEG 30 PowerMAG EEG 100 PowerMAG ppTMS PowerMAG QPS
  PowerMAG-LAB-150x150 PowerMAG-LAB-100-150x150-1 PowerMAG-EEG-30-150x150-1 PowerMAG-EEG-150x150 PowerMAG-ppTMS-150x150 PowerMAG-QPS-150x150
Characteristic Economic research Basic research with TBS EEG research Advanced real-time EEG All in one research solution qTBS stimulation
Stimulation frequency (Hz) 30 100 30 100 100 100 (666 in bursts)
Waveforms half / full half / full half / full half / full full full
Loing interval ppTMS    
Short interval ppTMS          
Invertible coil current
Trigger in/ out
EEG compatible    
EMG compatible
Analog / digital control

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PowerMAG View!

PowerMAG Touch TMS System with Navigation

The PowerMAG View! 3D-Neuronavigation system visualizes the electromagnetic hot-spot of the coil at an individual, anatomical data record. This enables the TMS system to stimulate the target with great precision. The PowerMAG View! combines functionality with simple handling. The result: Intuitive positioning with superb precision and reproducibility.

The PowerMAG View! 3D-Neuronavigation system can naturally be combined with all PowerMAG stimulators and any stimulation coils from MAG & More.

  • high-precise coil navigation
  • real-time visualization of coil and coil movements
  • individual head scan
  • 6D-position storage and recall
  • wireless infra-red tracking system
  • intuitive setup
  • data export for further statistics
  • integrated navigation points on all MAG & More coils
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Neuronavigation product PowerMAG View! Integrated PowerMAG View! PowerMAG View! exchange
  power-mag-view-integrated power-mag-view power-mag-view-exchange
Characteristic Mobile navigation TMS Standard navigated TMS Software only
Individual MRI import
Data import (i.e. Dicom)
Automatic segmentation and modelling
Real-time recording of TMS coil positioning
Mobile cart    
PC + monitor  
Infrared camera on stand  
Tracking tools  

PowerMAG Coils

PowerMAG stimulation coils have been developed continuously together with our frequent users, resulting in coils with highest quality, accuracy and efficiency. By these means the very best outcome has been achieved, both in effectiveness and usability of the coils. Application-oriented coil geometries and the electromagnetic properties draw on all the potentials of the PowerMAG TMS system.

  • physiological efficiency: variety of stimulation coils for specific applications
  • maximum comfort: less coil heating and audible noise
  • precision: extraordinary temporal  and spatial resolution
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Coil Double coil PMD70 Double coil PMD70-pCool Double coil PMG70-pCool-SHAM Doube coil PMD45-decentral Double coil PMD45-EEG Round coil PMR110
Pulse length 160 µs 160 µs 160 µs 160 µs 160 µs 170 µs
Max. field strength 2,0 T 2,0 T N/A 4,0 T 2,5 T 2,2 T
Number of windings 2 x 10 2 x 10 2 x 10 2 x 8 2 x 12 13
Winding diameter 2 x 70 2 x 70 2 x 70 2 x 25 2 x 45 110
Weight 1,3 kg 1,4 kg 1,4 kg 1,1 kg 1,1 kg 1,1 kg
Cable length 2 m 2 m 2 m 2 m 2 m 2 m
Navigation points 4 4 4 4 4 4
Number of pulses (20°C, 75%, 1Hz) 800 4000 4000 100 370 1800


From electrical to mechanical accessories, the PowerMAG’s accessories enable the PowerMAG user to explore the TMS world in a whole new way. The continuous development of the PowerMAG series naturally involves a regular update of the PowerMAG’s accessories line.

MEP-Option, wireless

The MEP option is a wireless EMG device with two bipolar input channels with a resolution of 2048...

Tretment Chair

Considering the comfort of the patient as the main focus, this very portable treatment chair is...

Coil positioning arm

The coil positioning arm which can be fixed and released with just one locking screw enables...

TMS caps

The EEG cap printed with the 10-20-system is a simple tool which helps you correctly position or...

Control spliter box

This box enables a simple BNC access to all of the PowerMAG stimulation parameters. All relevant...

PC interface

The PC-Interface connects the PowerMAG stimulator to a PC while remotely controlling the...


The PowerUNIT is designed to be used as a voltage transformer for various power supplies, allowing...

TMS Field Probe

The TMS field probe provides information (such as the field gradient) on pulses emitted by...

Transport Box

The lightweight and re-usable transport box is made from aluminium and is able to significantly...

Vacuum Head Support

This ergonomic and non-slip cushion supports the patient's head, stabilizing the head during...

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump compresses the vacuum cushion. It is made from plastic and therefore very light.


Application software which supports you towards safely and effectively applying TMS

TMS Trolley

This stable trolley is designed specifically for the PowerMAG TMS system. Four large twin-swivel...

rTMS Trolley Coil Holder

When not in use, the stimulation coil can be placed in a special coil holder which is mounted at...

Coil Arm Support Bar

This support bar is supplementary to the coil positioning arm, increasing its placement freedom. It...

Foot switch

The PowerMAG stimulator device can be operated by an external triggering device for convenience...