PowerMAG Therapy
TMS System

PowerMAG Therapy is a simple-to-use ambulant treatment system for TMS treatment.

PowerMAG TherapyTMS System

Features of the PowerMAG Therapy
TMS System

PowerMAG Touch TMS System with Navigation

Real-time protocol check with Rossi criteria
Safe stimulation dose
Immediate termination of pulsing
Rapid removal of coil
Quick to place patient in a safe position
Touch screen user interface with “Stimware”
Pneumatic height adjustment of chair
Comfortable head rest
Mobile setup
Storage/recall of treatments settings
High-precise coil navigation
Individual head scan
Individual head scanStorage and recall of coil position
Wireless tracking system
Intuitive setup
Storage/recall of treatments settings

Performance & Longevity

PowerMAG Touch contains a high performing stimulator and state-of-the-art stimulation coil with advanced cooling technology. Modern protocols like TBS are a basic feature of our stimulator. New stimulation protocols and coil designs can be easily connected with PowerMAG Touch. Quality Made in Germany is the proof for top-class engineering and a long lifetime.

Performance features include:

Advanced (exchangeable) cooled coils
High performance stimulator for long life time
Highly effective pulse power
Multiple protocols (rTMS, TBS, Trains)
Integrated reporting

TMS: application (booklet)

TMS: effectiveness in studies (booklet)


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