TMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments: Practical Workshop

3. June 2023

Melbourne, Australia

Practical (in-person)

5 hours

Workshop duration is 5 hours: from 1pm - 6pm

In this practical training workshop, participants will be given ample time to test and experience rTMS / TMS technologies following evidence-based protocols. Participants will work in groups to gain practical experience in coil placement and control of TMS systems and settings.

Learning components covered in the training day include:

  • Preparing the patient and marking the DLPFC
  • Marking the SMA
  • Finding the Motor Threshold
  • Placing the coil over right DLPFC
  • Placing the coil over left DLPFC
  • Placing the coil over SMA
  • Safety aspects of rTMS

PLEASE NOTE: Before attending this practical workshop, participants are expected to have completed the online self-paced course on the neurocare academy LMS course: "rTMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments", for a full understanding of theory and background of TMS protocols and principles. The LMS enrolment fee is purchased separate to this practical workshop. Click here for further details or to enrol in the LMS.


Dr. Trevor Brown

Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

Courses & Workshops

For whom?

Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Scientists, Researchers, Psychologists




This workshop is facilitated by neurocare group Australia


297 AUD (incl. GST) (cost of online course is separate)

Further education points

The course has been endorsed by the RANZCP as CPD activity code: ED000056 Each hour of participation can be claimed under Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 4.1).


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