Brainquiry Personal Efficiency Trainer®: PET 4


4Channels Neurofeedback Brainquiry

PET 4.0 is a portable neuro- and biofeedback device with 4 channels providing tactile feedback. Measuring wireless with the greatest accuracy, the device gives you new opportunities in neurofeedback, biofeedback, research or monitoring.


  • refreshing booster sessions on SMR or Theta/Beta neurofeedback at patient's sites
  • brain training for mental wellness at home, in schools or in companies
  • peak performance training
  • scientific research on brain-computer interfaces and neuromarketing

  • The PET 4.0 is a non-medical device.

Features of the PET 4.0

  • 6 active electrodes (4+, 1- and 1 ground)
  • suitable for wireless measuring of EEG, EMG or ECG
  • now available with tactile feedback!
  • EEG measurement based on a DC-amplifier
  • data transmission to a PC, laptop or mobile device wireless via bluetooth connection
  • PET 4 package includes: 1 PET 4.0 hardware body + plug, BioExplorer software license, 1 bluetooth receiver, 1 battery, 1 arm band, 1 installation manual and suitcase


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