neuroConn Technology

neuroConn is our leading technology brand from Germany. For over ten years our brand has been associated with practice-oriented medical technology used in neuroscience and clinical research, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychological disorders.

In close cooperation with leading research institutions and clinics worldwide, neuroConn technology is designed following the latest medical research standards. In this way we provide users with standardized and clinically evaluated protocols, based on our commitment to quality. 

We exclusively offer our technology as complete, ready-to-use systems (neurofeedback and EEG). Additionally, systems can be customized and variably adjusted to the researcher or practitioner's needs.

In this way, neuroConn technology is suitable in both research settings and hospitals, as well as therapy centres and medical practices.

Our product lines include:

Bio- & Neurofeedback Systems


transcranial electrical stimulators


Full-band DC-EEG & Biofeedback Systems


Neuronavigation systems for TMS

Brainsight™ TMS

Measures sleep/activity and environmental factors

ActTrust Actigraphy

Service and support for our neuroConn technology

Support for neuroConn users

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