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Sydney Clinics

Dr. Dona Biswas

Dr. Dona Biswas is an integrative psychiatrist with expertise in neuromodulation techniques including neurofeedback, tDCS and TMS. 


A/Professor Dr. Dagmar Koethe

Professor Koethe is a consultant psychiatrist trained to diagnose and treat patients with early mental health disorders. 

Dr Taggart Lidbury

Dr Lidbury is a Psychiatrist with a special interest in helping patients with substance use disorders and addictions as well as trauma, anxiety and mood disorders.

Cassie Antees

Cassie provides Neuropsychological assessments for children and adults presenting with a range of concerns, including ADHD, ASD and Learning Difficulties.

Claudia Caballero

Claudia works with both adults and children, utilising the latest techniques in neuromodulation to enhance her client’s strengths and develop healthy brain habits.

Amanda Goh

Amanda is experienced in treating a range of disorders and understands the importance of tailoring treatments to fit the needs and the circumstances of each individual.

Samantha McLean

Samantha is Clinical Neuropsychologist and takes an individualised and tailored approach to ADHD treatment and is experienced in helping clients through stress and trauma.

Susanne Mechtersheimer

Susanne has over 20 years’ experience working with children, adolescents and adults presenting with ADHD, Sleep problems, Anxiety, OCD, ODD, and Depression.

Sarah Mercer

Sarah is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, who works with adults and children. She offers compassionate, professional care and endorses only evidence-based methodologies.

Asu Parr

Asu is a warm and caring practitioner with experience in Psychotherapy, EEG and Neurofeedback. She supports clients with ASD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, BPD and sleep disorder.

Dr Vivek Sharma

Dr Sharma is a Neurofeedback Practitioner with extensive experience in QEEG. He specialises in treating clients seeking a non-pharmacological approach.

Dr Sharadey Ramdeny

Sharadeh has over 12 years of experience working with adults clients, with a focus on anxiety and mood management, stress and burnout and other complex disorders.

David Binnie

David is a skilled technician who facilitates QEEG and Actigraphy assessments. He as a strong understanding of technical requirements and quality assurance in the programs offered.

Jack de Puit

A psychology student working towards becoming a Neuropsychologist, Jack works across our NSW clinics, managing appointments and enquiries as well as providing a friendly face at reception.

Jo & Genevieve

With over 10 years of Allied Health experience between them, Jo and Genevieve ensure everything runs smoothly in-clinic and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our clients.

Melbourne Clinics

Dr Ahmad Torshizi

Dr Torshizi is currently providing consulting services for TMS patients only. His clinical interests include depression, anxiety, and ADHD manifestations.

Steven Wickens

Steven is a registered psychologist with postgraduate training in clinical neuropsychology and conducting psychological and cognitive assessments. 

Benjamin Ady

Benjamin has extensive experience dealing with children on the Autism Spectrum. He specialises in children that have developmental disorders and disabilities.

Patrick Ghalioum

Patrick adopts a holistic approach to psychological health, focusing on his client’s overall wellbeing and working with them to achieve their goals.

Timothy Gummersall

Tim is a client-oriented Clinical Neuropsychologist working with the team in East Melbourne to deliver custom neuromodulation programs and assessments for a range of presentations.

Virginia Henningsen

Virginia is passionate about helping people to develop the skills they need to gain enjoyment from their life. She supports clients to improve their mental health and bolster their wellbeing.

Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is an experienced psychologist with post graduate training in non-medication-based approaches for addressing conditions for such as sleep disorders, ADHD, stress and burnout, ...

Marissa Downes

Marissa has worked with New Zealand and Australian Olympic Teams. She supports clients to connect with themselves while developing agency over their wellbeing and performance.

Amanda Earle

Amanda is a dedicated and experienced clinical nurse. Her unwavering passion lies in enhancing mental well-being across the entire lifespan, with a special focus on ...

Alexandra Crocker-Kloet

Alex has a passion for psychology and has working in mental health administration for over five years. She is part of our Melbourne Support team managing enquiries and administration.

Sarah Ogle

Sarah has a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Monash University and has worked in various roles within the mental health industry. Sarah is passionate about supporting the needs of our clients and ...

Brisbane Clinics

Shing Nee Bernice Chong (Bernie)

With over 10 years' experience, Bernie sees clients across the lifespan from a variety of cultural backgrounds, with diverse conditions.

James Woodhouse

James works with clients of all ages to help find their individual pathway to improved mental health and performance.

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