The neurocare approach

neurocare believes in treating the underlying cause of mental health conditions, rather than simply the managing symptoms.   We follow a five-step process that incorporates in-depth consultation and clinical assessment to assess each client's neurophysiological symptoms, as well as their individual requirements. This enables our clinicians to develop a personalised treatment plan to suit each client's needs and circumstances.

A Pathway to Personalised Care

1. Initial Consultation

Your first appointment involves an in-depth consultation with a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. They will work through your concerns and formulate a whole-of-person treatment plan.

2. Actigraphy Sleep Assessment*

Sleep difficulties underlie a wide range of health conditions. An actigraphy assessment monitors your sleep and wake behaviours over a week, helping your clinician understand any underlying sleep issues or rule them out as a factor.

3. Brain mapping & psychometrics*

Each person experiences wellness and un-wellness in an individual way. We use EEG and psychometric testing to map your unique patterns of brain behaviour.

4. Follow-up consultation

Around 2 weeks later, when all assessment data has been reviewed, your clinician will discuss the results with you and make an informed customised treatment plan.

5. Personalised therapy program

After considering your clinical presentation, sleep and other cognitive functions your clinician will create a customised therapy program to meet your individual goals and circumstances.

* Note: Certain assessments may or may not be recommended depending on your individual goals and circumstances


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Are you a professional interested in training or supervision with us?

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