TMS Therapy

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a safe and focal neurostimulation technique with fast antidepressant effects in as little as 20 sessions.


A brain-training technique to regulate healthy brain states to help in the treatment of ADHD and Insomnia. Suited to children (6+) and adults.

Health Coaching

Coaching can support you to optimise your physical and mental wellbeing by focusing on what is in your control, like behaviour and thinking habits.

Auditory Training Program™

Designed to aid children with speech and learning delays, our program stimulates auditory pathways and enhances neural plasticity, providing valuable support for your child's development.

Speech Pathology / Therapy

Consulting a speech pathologist can enrich a child's developmental years with effective communication and understanding skills, helping with literacy, developmental delay and auditory processing difficulties.

Psychology & Psychotherapy

Evidence-based talk therapies (including CBT and ACT) are an essential foundation to supporting change and recovery.

Child & Adolescent Services

We offer programs for adolescents and children (3+) with cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and developmental disorders, speech and language problems, learning difficulties, attention issues (ADHD), and sleep problems.


Learn more about how a Psychiatrist can help with mental health assessments and treatments, and the work they do in our clinics.

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Are you a professional interested in training or supervision with us?

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