Brainsight TMS for MRI-based TMS Neuronavigation

In transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a pulsating magnetic field affects the electrical activity of nerve cells in the brain.

This requires precise positioning of the magnetic coil over the region to be stimulated in the brain. In TMS studies, the coil is positioned over the head using external landmarks and measurements or by trial and error until the desired response (finger twitch for example) is generated.

The Brainsight 2 neuronavigation system by neuroCare partner Rogue Research Inc. offers and alternate function: the technology visualizes the client's brain based on MRI data sets in order to move the coil to the desired brain structure and correctly position it. 

Brainsight is now used worldwide in more than 400 research institutions.

In traditional TMS studies the coil is positioned over the head using external landmarks and measurements or by trial and error until the desired response (finger twitch for example) is generated. However in recent years and with the improvement of stereotactic techniques, navigated TMS or Neuronavigation is now possible allowing the TMS coil to be navigated and positioned over a specified target location based upon an individuals MRI image or MRI generated 3D curvilinear reconstruction of the brain. Targets for stimulation can then be identified in numerous ways:

  • manually by selecting and highlighting the desired structure / locations within the brain, or
  • by combining anatomical MRI images with areas of activity highlighted with fMRI, EEG or NIRS.

Specification of the BrainsightTM 2 Navigation

  • Definition of targets using either: Anatomy / MNI- or Talairach co-ordinates / MRI overlays (fMRI, EEG, NIRS, PET) / Data aquired from previous TMS sessions
  • Compatible with all widely used MRI datasets including: DICOM, PAR/REC, Analyze, NIfTI, MINC, BrainVoyager (VMR und VMP)
  • Directly links to TMS devices via TTL trigger and/or serial port
  • Integrated 2-channel EMG for mapping studies
  • Multi-channel EMG mapping via NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES
  • For each TMS pulse delivered Brainsight 2 can record: Coil position and orientation / Coil status (with supported TMS devices) / Intended target / Positioning error / Distance to target / EMG response / EEG response when combined with NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES / NIRS response when combined with Brainsight NIRS
  • Easy export of recorded data
  • Track multiple tools (e.g. multiple TMS coils)
  • New and improved subject chair to help position the subject comfortably and accurately with the added advantage of holding TMS coil(s)

With NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES option

  • NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES automatically detects and connects to Brainsight 2 via WLAN.
  • Transfer and display of EEG montages within Brainsight space
  • Use Brainsight to digitise and record EEG electrode positioning.
  • Transfer EEG data automatically for each TMS pulse trigger.
  • View EEG data as a list or in a 3D curvilinear view.
  • Easy export of data to preferred EEG analysis software.
  • Import results into Brainsight for visualisation.

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Axilum TMS-Roboter

France-based Axilum Robotics have developed an innovative system that allows for accurate and safe placement, tracking and recording of a TMS stimulating coil during a TMS experiment or treatment session, together with the Brainsight TMS Navigation system.

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