DC-STIMULATOR - Stimulators for cranial electrotherapy and neuroscientific research

The DC-STIMULATOR is a stimulator for cranial electrotherapy that provides a stimulation using weak direct current (transcranial Electrical Stimulation tES) within non-invasive Interventional Neurophysiology. The electrical charge and current density applied are far below the threshold for releasing a stimulus and have a modular effect on existing neuronal elements.

Depending on duration, used current, current density and frequency the stimulation either inhibits or activates cortical activity. Thus, if established therapy fails, a therapeutic effect of the tDCS is probable for the treatment of depression and neuropathic pain of the lower extremities, and it is possible for the rehabilitation of motor skills and language after stroke and for acoustic hallucinations in Schizophrenia.

To protect the clients the highest safety standards are guaranteed through multiple monitoring of the current path (monitored in hardware and software), with automatic shut-down in the event of complications (such as poor skin contact). 

Along with the tDCS, the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS, DC-STIMULATOR MR and DC-STIMULATOR MC models allow accurate bipolar stimulation with alternating current (tACS) and noise current (tRNS) for research purposes. The DC-STIMULATOR MR is the only available (f)MRI-compatible transcranial stimulator. The DC-STIMULATOR MC is globally unique with up to 16 channels that can be programmed via a PC with any desired waveforms independent of each other.

Our DC-STIMULATOR range for the cranial electrotherapy

The DC-STIMULATOR provides stimulation with weak direct current (tDCS) for therapeutic purposes.

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The DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE is a clinical stimulator for use in therapeutic and research settings.

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Our DC-STIMULATOR range for research purposes

Stimulation with tDCS/tACS/tRNS in research settings


For the stimulation with tDCS/tACS/tRNS during fMRI


Stimulator with 4 up to 16 independent channels


Download Flyer "Modulation brain functions with the DC-STIMULATOR" (englisch)

This brochure provides an overview of our DC-stimulators for neuroscience research and explains the most important features.

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EU Declaration of Conformity DC-STIMULATOR MC
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Devices for research purposes:

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