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THERA PRAX® Q-EEG - Bio- and Neurofeedback System

The THERA PRAX® Q-EEG with 22 channels is another member of our successful family of products for direct current EEG feedback / neurofeedback and biofeedback. It combines the convenience of a complete, ready-to-use system and the safety of a medical device.

During biofeedback - a treatment method, based on operant conditioning - the patients receive feedback about their physiological states and changes in these states, which mostly cannot be perceived by the patient. Neurofeedback is a kind of biofeedback and therefore a method in instrument-based behavioral therapy. It allows the patients to perceive and self-regulate their brain activity.

The THERA PRAX® Q-EEG is used in children from 6 years of age, adolescents and adults with impaired self-regulating ability of the brain. The impairment may be manifested at neurological and/or behavioral levels such as ADHD or other diseases like epilepsy or condition after stroke.

In addition, it is possible to reliably record multichannel EEG, ECG and EMG signals as well as peripherical bio-signals to describe psychophysiological correlations during relaxation or a stressful situation. To individually control the progress of therapy, cognitive evoked potentials can be recorded.

Benefits of the THERA PRAX® Q-EEG

  • Complete system consisting of a 22-channel full-band DC-EEG amplifier, a PC with integrated 15" TFT colour display, software for neurofeedback and analysis, keyboard, mouse
  • DC-EEG feedback of the slow cortical potentials (SCP) with automatic online correction of eye and muscle movement artefacts
  • Standardized, clinically evaluated protocols for SCP and frequency training
  • Frequency feedback (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, SMR, Gamma and any desired band) and frequency ratios (e.g. beta/theta)
  • Free choice of frequency band, algorithm and combinations of the two (ration, correlation, coherence, bicoherence etc.)
  • Free choice of feedback channel (unipolar, bipolar, source, multi-channel)
  • Recording of a quantitative EEG in combination with peripheric signals
  • Analysis of single session and comparison of multiple sessions
  • Audiovisual feedback and animation
  • Biofeedback for heart rate, EMG, ECG (optional: for breathing, temperature, GSR, pulse curve)
  • Large number of optional software modules, such as cognitive evoked potentials (CNV, P300, readiness potential etc.)
  • Optional secondary monitor for the patient and equipment trolley

Product information for download

Further technical details about THERA PRAX® Q-EEG can be found in the product brochure:

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THERA PRAX® Q-EEG Brochure for Australia
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EU Declaration of Conformity THERA PRAX®
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