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THERA PRAX® MOBILE - Bio- and Neurofeedback system

The THERA PRAX® MOBILE by neuroConn is a portable, mobile DC-EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback system. It combines the convenience of a complete, highly manageable, ready-to-use system and the safety of a medical device.

This high-performance neurofeedback equipment is based on our innovative DC-EEG amplifier technology and is well suited for the training of self-regulation of slow cortical potentials (SCP). Here artefacts triggered by eye and muscle movements are corrected online. Supplemented by differing sensors (GSR, TEMPERATURE, RESPIRATION, PULSE), doctors and therapists can use the equipment for biofeedback training.

Benefits of the THERA PRAX® MOBILE

  • Complete system consisting of a 13-channel full-band DC-EEG amplifier, a mobile PC with integrated 15" TFT colour display, software for neurofeedback and analysis, keyboard, mouse
  • Neurofeedback of the slow cortical potentials (SCP) with automatic online correction of eye and muscle movement artefacts
  • Frequency feedback (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, SMR und Gamma) with frequency ratios
  • Biofeedback for pulse, temperature, heart rate, EMG, ECG, oxygen saturation and galvanic skin response
  • Standardized, clinically evaluated protocols for SCP and frequency training for ADHD and other indications
  • Large number of software modules such as cognitive evoked potentials (CNV, P300, readiness potential etc.)
  • Analysis of single session and comparison of multiple sessions
  • Audiovisual feedback and animations

English: Download brochure "Sustainable therapy for ADHD with SCP neurofeedback"

Français: Téléchargez la brochure "Prise en charge durable du TDAH par le SCP-neurofeedback"

This brochure provides information about the method of treating ADHD with SCP neurofeedback using the THERA PRAX® MOBILE. It explains the intervention itself, the required technology, the standardized protocol and it gives a short overview of the most relevant publications.

Product information for download

Further details and technical data of the THERA PRAX® MOBILE can be found in the product brochure:

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THERA PRAX® MOBILE Brochure - valid for Australia
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THERA PRAX® MOBILE Brochure en français
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THERA PRAX® MOBILE folleto en español
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EU Declaration of Conformity THERA PRAX®
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Using THERA PRAX® in ADHD therapy
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