Brainsight NIRS

Brainsight NIRS effortlessly combines NIRS imaging and neuronavigation to provide a unique and powerful solution for functional brain imaging in neuroscience.

Brainsight (NIRS)
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Brainsight NIRS - technical specifications

up to 32 channels: in modules of 8, each one including 4 dual wavelength laser sources, 8 high-sensitivity "cortical" detectors, 2 proximal "scalp" detectors
8 auxiliary channels
Dual wavelength: 690 nM/830 nM
Sampling rate: 100 Hz for NIRS signal, 3 kHz for auxiliary channels
Unique patented optode and cap design to optimize multi-modality use, including:NIRS & tDCS / NIRS & TMS / NIRS & EEG / NIRS & TMS & EEG / NIRS & MEG / NIRS & MRI /
High frequency NIRS sampling (100 Hz)
8 analog channels (sampling at up to 10kHz) to simultaneously record the stimulus and bio-signals (e.g. pulse-ox, breathing) alongside the NIRS signals.
Unique dedicated scalp activity detectors. In addition to the 32 high-sensitivity cortical detectors, each source fibre has a dedicated, close proximity detector to help estimate the scalp component of the measured NIRS signals.
Unique neuronavigation-centric software easily manages simultaneous NIRS, TMS, EMG and EEG acquisition on one control computer. All data is acquired in one place and can be exported using common file formats so you can use your favourite tools for analysis

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