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neuroLAB: QEEG & neuropsychological Lab for therapy

We offer for your practice or clinic a laboratory for neuropsychological tests and quantitative EEG analysis from one source.

The use of neuroLAB might improve treatment efficacy by differentiation within a psychiatric patient group that seems homogeneous at first (with respect to their symptoms). 

First publications are available and many more will follow soon:


We support you in your daily work by providing electrophysiological and neuropsychological evaluations for your patients.

Concentrate on the essentials! By using the technology and services we provide, we make it possible for you to support your patients with state-of-the-art therapy. Learn first-hand from our experts in our workshops or in our therapy centres.

What does the NCG-QEEG & Neuropsychological Laboratory offer?

The technology and software of the lab enable you to create a detailed individual profile of the patient:


1. on the electrophysiological level via quantitative EEG/brain mapping, event related potentials (ERP) and peripheral parameters.

The QEEG assessment serves to identify neuromarkers and EEG phenotypes in various psychiatric diseases.

Details about the electrophysiological tests

Generating electrophysiological test reports based on qEEG and ERP (BRC)

You can use this test battery to perform the following QEEG/Brainmapping tests:

  • resting EEG - eyes open
  • resting EEG - eyes closed
  • auditory oddball
  • visual working memory

For details about the tests please refer to the website of the QEEG-Lab at Brainclinics


2. on the neuropsychological level via the test battery IntegNeuroTM.

The fully computerized tests are performed via touch screen and create an individual cognitive performance profile for a wide range of applications.

Details on the neuropsychological tests

Generating neuropsychological reports based on IntegNeuroTM / Psychometrics (BRC)

A comprehensive test battery is also available for this purpose. This includes among other things the tests for:

  • Motor Tapping        
  • Choice Reaction time        
  • Time Estimation       
  • Span of Visual Memory      
  • Spot-the-Real-Word       
  • Digit Span         
  • Memory Recall and Recognition     
  • Verbal Interference       
  • Word Generation         
  • Continuous Performance Task     
  • Switching of Attention       
  • Executive Maze         
  • Go, No-Go Task       
  • Emotional Recall and recognition   

Details about these tests can be found on the website of IntegNeuroTM at Brainclincics.


The obtained data from both test batteries are compared with the International Brain Database of Brain Resource Company which currently contains more than 20,000 healthy people and large patient groups.

What are the benefits of the method for therapy?

Using the neuroLAB method, you can adapt the therapy to the individual conditions of the patient in order to achieve better treatment results: The neuropsychological and electrophysiological markers give you information on which form of therapy and which therapy protocol is likely to be most beneficial for the patient. The method is suitable for:

  • personalized medicine,
  • choosing the right protocol for non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (e.g. TMS/rTMS, tDCS),
  • the choice of an appropriate neurofeedback protocol,
  • but also for applied brain research.