ActTrust - Supports the therapy of Forschung_und_Entwicklung
psychiatric conditions such as ADHD and depression

picture_ActTrust_enThe ActTrust Actigraph measures special parameters at the wrist to examine sleep and chronobiology. Designed specifically for medical and research applications, the device is a reliable and intuitive tool for scientists, physicians and therapists.

ActTrust measures precisely 24/7 over a period of up to 3 months: 

  • the activity and sleep phases
  • the ambient and skin temperature
  • the light intensity
  • blue, red and green wavelenght light
  • UVA/UVB light (ActTrust2 only)

You can use the device during inptient assessment or give it to your patient for use at home. The patient can wear the splash-proof device day and night - even when showering.

Actigraphy with ActTrust supports the therapy of psychological disorders, such as ADHD or depression.

ActTrust supports you with:

  • monitoring the efficacy of neuromodulation techniques (rTMS, tDCS, neurofeedback) and behavioural, pharmacological and light therapies,
  • treating and monitoring sleep disorders, such as sleep onset insomnia, sleep maintenance problems, circadian rhythm disorders, chronic fatigue),
  • the assessment of the factors contributing to the development of sleep disorders, such as the consumption of blue light before bedtime.

ActTrust is available in two versions:

Features of the ActTrust devices

  • 2 temperature sensors, sensors for red, green, blue and IR light and a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
  • measurement intervals of 1- 86.400 seconds
  • event marker
  • records and stores data continously for up to three months
  • robust, splash-proof casing
  • data transfer via USB docking station
  • software compatible with Windows and Mac OS

ActStudio - valid evaluation for diagnosis and therapy


ActStudio is innovative alaysis software for ActTrust and ActTrust2. The software offers among other things:

  • detailed analysis of important sleep parameters: time taken to fall asleep (sleep onset latency - SOL), wake after sleep onset (WASO), sleep efficiency and number of awakenings.
  • graphical representations of various chronobiological functions and environment factors
  • automatic reports for clinical and scientifice use

The software ActStudio is included with the ActTrust as well as the ActTrust2.

The connection to your computer is established via the docking station ActDock.

Further details on ActStudio and ActDock will soon be available here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Education in actigraphy and sleep disorders


neuroCare regularly offers qualified training in sleep profile analysis with actigraphy and sleep disorders in varios locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Australia, but on request also at your desired location. In addition, we offer clinical and technical supervision (by telephone, Skype or on site).

You can find more information on the website of our neuroCademy.

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