Instant access to evidence, theory and application of tDCS

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All lessons are followed by a short test.

1.Electrotechnical, neurophysiological background of tDCS
2. Safety, regulatory and application guidelines of tDCS
3. tDCS as a therapeutic tool in adults and children
4. Variability in the response to tDCS
Practical Demonstration videos

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Frequently Asked Questions about the tDCS Online Course

  • Who can enrol in the tDCS online course?

    This course is intended for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Neuroscientists, students and researchers looking to tDCS in a practice or research setting.

    The course is restricted to professionals and is not made available to the general public.  Demonstration of a master's level (or equivalent) in human sciences is needed to gain recognition of course completion.


  • How do the online lessons work?

    Each lesson features a pre-recorded video which includes presentation slides.  Subtitles can also be turned on.  Users are required to watch lessons completed in sequence.  You will need to watch the lesson in full in order to complete the lesson and advance to the test.

  • How long does it take to complete the tDCS online course?

    We expect a total time commitment of 4  hours including the time to complete the short tests.

    We estimate an additional 6 hours to complete the recommended reading materials. 

  • How will my knowledge be assessed in the tDCS online course?

    All core lessons are followed by a test.  An 80% pass of the test is required to advance to the next lesson.  The test can be repeated as many times as needed.  Each lesson includes a recorded video presentation and accompanying learning materials.

  • How long do I get access to the online course?

    This course must be completed within 6 months, to maintain consistency of study, ensure understanding of course materials and prepare you adequately for practical training.

  • Will I be certified to deliver tDCS after completing the online course?

    The online course is an ideal first step to gain theoretical insights of tDCS and to observe case studies and evidence for tDCS in clinical practice and is a pre-requisite to attending a practical workshop*.

    You will receive a certificate acknowledging the time commitment of the online tDCS course towards Continuing Professional Development.

    neurocare offers practical advice and learning pathways suited to the regions in which we currently operate (Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, United States.)  

    It is the responsibility of the healthcare professional to check the certification requirements to deliver tDCS  in their country.

    *this does not apply to the tDCS workshop offered in Germany.

  • Do I need to attend a practical workshop after the online course?

    The online course is an ideal first step to see if tDCS is right for your practice or to gain more insights for your research or professional development.  There is no obligation to attend a practical workshop after completion. 

    However, if you intend to prescribe and deliver tDCS in practice it is highly recommended to attend a practical workshop and follow the guidelines of your region.  If the neurocare academy is not currently advertising practical workshops in your region, please get in touch as we may be able to make a custom arrangement or deliver remote supervision.