Why Personalised Medicine?

Precision medicine in combination with neuromodulation

Psychiatry is changing. Current psychological practice in the treatment of ADHD and Depression is moving away from its reliance on psychostimulant and anti-depressant medications, towards non-invasive methods better applied to the patient's individual needs.

Whilst treatment methods such as cognitive-behavioural therapy can be effectively applied in the treatment of depression, reports of its efficacy can be attributed to a publication bias in science.  In the treatment of ADHD, further research has found limited efficacy in stimulant medication and other behavioural therapies. At the same time pharmaceutical companies are focusing less attention on drug development in the area of neuroscience.

The way we treat depression and ADHD, mental illnesses which effect more than 386 million people worldwide, cannot effectively rely on a one-size-fits-all or trial-and-error approach. When healthcare is personalized, there is a better outcome for the patient.

In personalized medicine it is the goal to prescribe the right treatment, for the right person, by measuring certain biomarkers determined by a comprehensive QEEG analysis. You can find out more about QEEG testing in the video below. 

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