Lisa's Story

Suffering from depression for many years, Lisa found little success in conventional treatment methods. She searched for different treatment options and found out about rTMS.

Respecting the privacy of our clients, names have been changed.

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I have had many periods of depression over the years. Like everyone else suffering a mental illness I came into the circuit of the general mental healthcare system. The treatment and time offered by more conventional mental health treatments never yielded the desired results for me. For this reason I was looking for other forms of treatment. I found neuroCare (formerly Brainclinics) in Nijmegen (NL) online and they are specialized in rTMS therapy.

Although according to my psychologist at the time the proven results of rTMS treatment were not known and was in an experimental stage, I am now confident of the treatment success of rTMS. I would like to indicate too that the first sessions were not always easy and pain free. To begin with I had treatment sessions three times per week and in addition to rTMS we also did cognitive behavioural therapy, which often raised difficult issues. The therapy sessions were really intensive.

During rTMS treatment a coil is directed at the head and gives "ticking" pulsations. These pulsations are not entirely pain-free at first, but after a few sessions it just feels like a light touch.

After a few weeks I experienced a definite relief of symptoms. Both my physical and psychological symptoms were easier to bear. This is why I continued this form of therapy. Frequency of the sessions were reduced to two times a week and then later we just had sessions once a week. I've had 16 treatment sessions in total and I have become a completely different person during this period.

What was once an ongoing problem was significantly reduced in the space of just a few months, into a more liveable situation for me. I also want to mention the psychologist who worked with me at neuroCare who was very knowledgeable in the field of depression. The team has left me with a warm feeling of understanding and commitment to my condition.

Lisa's BDI scores after 15 sessions

The Beck Depression Inventory is a self reporting questionnaire which measures the symptoms of depression according to the DSM-IV/V criteria. A score of 0-13 signifies 'minimal' depression, 14-19 is 'light', 20-28 is 'moderate' and 29-63 is considered 'serious' depression.Lisa BDI