Cognitive behavioural therapy in adults and children

Cognitive behavioural therapy


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a scientifically proven and widely researched and accepted treatment for a variety of mental problems such as depression, anxiety and OCD.

The cognitive part of therapy is based on feelings and behaviors influenced by the individual's perception of events. Neither the situation or the event in itself determines what we feel, but rather how we interpret the situation or event. With this method the therapist is able to estimate certain thoughts or feelings on accuracy.

The behavioral part of therapy is based on various actions taken by the individual, whether that be avoidance of or compulsion to do something based on fear or anxiety. Despite of our feelings of anxiety and thoughts, it is important to gradually break through avoidance. The main goal of behavioral therapy is to enlarge the freedom of movement again.

neuroCare clinicians apply cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive symptoms, impulse control problems and assertiveness problems. We treat children with socio-emotional problems and / or behavioral problems. Additional parental coaching may also be necessary.