Thomas Mechtersheimer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Paul König

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dirk Mohrmann

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Margot Hurwitz

Member of the Supervisory Board

Kevin Reeder

Member of the Supervisory Board

Jan Hardorp

Member of the Supervisory Board

Leadership Team

Stanford W. Miller

Managing Director
neurocare America

Brett Scoccia

Vice President of Sales & Business Development
neurocare America

Sergio Pissavini

Managing Director
neurocare group Italy

Angela McGuire

Managing Director
neurocare group
Australia & New Zealand

Drs. Rosalinde van Ruth

Managing Director
neurocare group Netherlands

Kathrin Moder

Head of Accounting

Drs. Kerstin Häringer

Group Head of TMS technology
and founder of MAG & More

Klaus Schellhorn

Group Head of EEG & tES Technologies
Founder and Managing Director
of neuroConn

Harald Jonen

Sales Manager (DACH)
MAG & More

Key Advisers

Dr. Martijn Arns

Scientific Adviser


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