Thomas Mechtersheimer

Founder & CEO

"Vision without execution is just hallucination…"
- Henry Ford

"...and execution is a marathon, not a sprint!" - Tom

Tom is an electrical engineer and also graduated with a degree in economics from Reutlingen University, Germany. He is a health industry leader with more than 30 years of business experience and never stopped further education. Tom graduated from the AICD Australia Chairman course and the High-Performance Leadership Course at IMD in Lausanne.

Tom started in Research (Fraunhofer Institute Germany) and held early roles in Startups. He then worked for the Fresenius Group for 18 years, where he was instrumental in building the Asian business from scratch driving vertically integrated renal services. Tom last served on the Executive Board of Fresenius Kabi as President Asia (USD 1.4 billion sales,  more than 4000 staff)

Post co-founding several healthcare companies,  Tom founded neurocare in 2015 which is transforming mental health & performance having developed the world‘s first Digital Therapy Platform empowering clinicians to best practice. Through personalization, the patient‘s self-regulation is enhanced and the root causes of the conditions are being addressed in a sustainable way without the side effects of medication and yet faster. neurocare delivers the best clinical and best financial outcomes.

Tom has deep experience in developing markets and building successful teams. His profound track record and his passion for leadership enable him to unlock the potential of innovations.

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