Managing sleep disorders in ADHD

Sep 15, 2022 - neurocare group

Sleep problems are very common in ADHD. Over 70% of adults and children with ADHD have difficulty falling asleep while others experience restless sleep, difficulty waking up or sleepiness during the day.

Appreciating the importance of sleep provides a powerful model for understanding and treating ADHD in a clinical setting. To shed some light on this issue neurocare recently held a clinical information session on the subject co-presented by Respiratory and Sleep Physician Dr Linda Schachter and Dr Trevor Brown, Neuroscientist and neurocare’s Global Academy manager.

The pair addressed several key issues including:

  • Underlying reasons for poor sleep in clients with ADHD
  • Symptoms of sleep disorders and how to manage clients presenting with these
  • The role of sleep hygiene, meditation, and blue light therapy in sleep quality
  • The interaction between ADHD medications and sleep
  • Using Actigraphy and QEEG results to identify and assess underlying sleep issues in clients with ADHD
  • How certain biomarkers can predict client responses to treatment
  • Neurofeedback and other treatment options available and the stratification model

Watch a brief event recap

Trevor and Linda provide a brief recap of their presentations in the video below.



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