Improving TMS accessibility for patients with Depression with Dr Jonathan Downar

Apr 5, 2023 - neurocare group

In this episode, Trevor speaks with Dr. Jonathan Downar, who runs a TMS clinic that has allowed him to conduct research into brain stimulation efficacy for depression working towards reducing cost and improving accessibility for patients.

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About the series

neurocare brings the world of neuroscience into clinical practice. We educate professionals worldwide in the correct use of TMS, tDCS, Neurofeedback and other emerging techniques, and share the latest knowledge and updates as well as the history of these digital therapeutics. Neuroscientist Dr Trevor Brown, who features on neurocare’s Learning Management System, an online training platform, connects with leading researchers each month as part of a new interview series to discuss present and future clinical applications of neurostimulation techniques (e.g. TMS, tDCS) as well as exploring the use of EEG and Neurofeedback in clinical and research settings.


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