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A  hardware platform designed for closed-loop experiments in science and research.

Closed-Loop application
Closed-Loop - Live
LOOP-IT - variable and customizable


neuroConn LOOP-IT supports the combination of electrically independent modules with different functionality:
  • EEG / ECG / EMG biosignal acquisition (up to 16 ksps)
  • tDCS / tACS / tRNS current sources (low noise, > 10 mApp, > 2 kHz bandwidth)
  • multichannel digital I/O (e. g. for tES and TMS) interface for active electrodes
  • sensor interface for non-electrical biosignals (e. g. pressure, breathing, blood flow, temperature)
  • evoked potential and display interface (e. g. for feedback applications)
Based on a real-time data processing platform
  • all modules run synchronized
  • simultaneous read/write-access to all modules
  • jitter-free data transceiving
  • loop delay can be set down to 100 μs
Direct access to hardware parameters via supplied library (C#, java, MATLAB)
Medical-grade hardware design
Standard interface and compact design

Your contact for Closed-Loop solutions

Klaus Schellhorn
Chief Technology Officer of neurocare group


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