komplexe Lösungen für die neurowissenschaftliche Forschung

Closed-Loop solutions


Unsere erfahrenen Ingenieure stehen Ihnen zur Verfügung, um Ihre Forschungs- oder Laboranforderungen für komplette Closed-Loop-Lösungen zu besprechen.

Brainsight® TMS

The Brainsight® TMS neuronavigation system integrates with MRI data sets for precise coil positioning.

Brainsight® cTMS

Based on a completely different architecture than traditionalal TMS, cTMS offers more control than any TMS device available today.

Axilum TMS Robot

Innovative system that allows for accurate and safe placement, tracking and recording of a TMS stimulating coil during a TMS experiment or treatment session.

Ihr Ansprechpartner für Closed-Loop Lösungen

Klaus Schellhorn
Chief Technology Officer, neurocare group

Beispiele für Closed-Loop Lösungen von neuroconn

  • LOOP-IT solutions - features and applications (open PDF)

  • Closed-loop TMS performance (video)

  • Closed-loop application and artefact correction for tACS - EEG (Poster)

  • Closed-loop apparatus for brain-state dependent tES (Poster)


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