Speech Pathology

Speech, communications and the ability to comprehend others is crucial for a child's growth and progress.  If you have concerns about learning delays or your child's ability to process sound and communicate, seeking guidance from a Speech Pathologist can have a profound impact on your child's development.

(Speech Pathology is available in our Hawthorn clinic)


What is Speech Pathology / Speech Therapy?

Speech Pathologists (or Speech Therapists) are specialist healthcare professionals who assess and treat individuals with communication difficulties, including problems with speaking, expressing or understanding language, reading, social skills, and listening.

Our Speech Pathologists will work one-on-one with you and your child to assess your abilities and develop a customised program based on your specific speech and language goals.

Common issues we support include:
  • Speech and articulation
    Correct formation of speech sounds

  • Receptive language
    Understanding and processing spoken and written language

  • Expressive language
    Communicating ideas through speech and writing

  • Assessments
    Using both informal and standardised measures. (Learn more about our range of assessments)

Benefits of Speech Pathology

More effective communication:
  • Clearer speech and improved language fluency, prosody, articulation, and content
Greater comprehension:
  • Greater understanding of what others are saying or writing
  • Improved reading and writing skills
Increased independence:
  • Ability to communicate needs and wants independently and pro-actively
  • Improved ability to express ideas and establish meaning, in order to actively participate across home, school, work, and community context
Improved social interaction:
  • Greater self-esteem and confidence in academic, professional, and social settings
  • Improved ability to interact meaningfully with family and peers

Support for NDIS participants


neurocare is a registered NDIS provider, and we provide programs under the Capacity Building stream. While specific support and funding will be based on your individual goals, we generally support participants under Improved Daily Living or Social and Community Participation.

Some common conditions we work with are:

  • Developmental delays and intellectual disability
  • Specific learning disability in reading, writing or spelling
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy.

We foster a collaborative approach, working closely with NDIS participants, their caregivers, families, and support workers. Together, we establish purposeful objectives and provide the necessary assistance to empower you / your child in reaching their potential.

Speech Pathology for Children


Our Hawthorn team has a particular passion for helping children with speech and language disorders, autism and other or related difficulties and disorders.

We strongly recommend early intervention. Engaging children in therapy early in their development is most effective at reducing the effects of their condition and the need for therapy later in life. Our team incorporates game-like activities and play based therapy into treatment to connect with children, following children’s inherent motivations to work together on therapy goals.

the neurocare clinic in Hawthorn, offering Speech Pathology and Speech Therapy

The neurocare clinic in Hawthorn, offering Speech Pathology & Speech Therapy

We also support parents to become more adept at helping children develop and grow in their communication and social interaction. Our family-centred approach encompasses parents, as well as General Practitioners, Teachers, and other community members who play an important role in embedding new behaviours and habits into everyday life.

The neurocare approach

We believe in a person-centred approach – beginning with assessing you or your child’s abilities before creating a program personalised to your circumstances and needs.

At neurocare you can access individual therapies or benefit from the support of our multidisciplinary team. Our skilled practitioners offer auditory processing, psychotherapy, cognitive training, and neuromodulation, as well as cognitive, educational and ADHD assessments.


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Are you a professional interested in training or supervision with us?

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