Auditory Training Program™

neurocare’s Auditory Training Program™ uses electronically modified music and language to stimulate auditory pathways and enhance auditory neural plasticity. The program employs a series of intervention techniques to assist and improve auditory processing abilities.  (This service is available in our Hawthorn clinic)


Modulating brain activity through sound

While you physically hear with your ears, your brain has to process any sounds and make sense of them – essentially your brain and ears are working in tandem.

Auditory training strengthens your brain’s auditory processing capability to improve the skills you need for language development, phonological processing (required for literacy development), and the processing of auditory information.

These include:

  • Auditory Figure Ground Differentiation
    The ability to pick out important sounds from a noisy background

  • Auditory Closure
    Understanding when parts of spoken information are missing or distorted

  • Binaural Separation and Integration
    The ability to deal with multiple streams of auditory/verbal information simultaneously

  • Understanding rapid speech
    Comprehension of fast speech

  • Auditory Memory
    Remembering things we hear in both the short and long term

  • Auditory Attention
    The ability to focus selectively on specific sounds

Auditory Training Program™ benefits

neurocare's Auditory Training Program™ offers:

Programs for all ages
Our Auditory Training Program™ is suitable for adults and children from three years of age. Programs are tailored specifically to meet individual needs and requirements.

Intensive short-term treatment
A typical course of the program consists of 30 hours over 3 weeks. Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Flexible options
You can access our Auditory Training Program™ either through intensive in-clinic sessions or remotely through our home-based auditory program.

How does Auditory Training work?


neurocare’s Auditory Training Program™ integrates our specialist intervention techniques with leading Besson-of-Switzerland technology, providing a comprehensive approach to auditory processing difficulties.

We utilise world-leading technology based on the collaborative work of Christophe Besson and Dr Alfred Tomatis. This incorporates the clarity of 24-bit music to deliver state-of-the-art auditory training.

Training includes
  • Listening to orchestral music which is modified using gating, band pass filters, and bone and air conduction
  • Dichotic listening training
  • Auditory-vocal feedback exercises
  • Auditory working memory exercises
  • Practice with auditory figure-ground differentiation
  • Practice with auditory closure

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