neurocare acquires new clinic in The Netherlands

Apr 6, 2016 - neurocare group

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback practice, Brain Dynamics in Hengelo, has joined the neurocare group making it the third for the Group in The Netherlands

Brain Dynamics Hengelo has recently joined with the neurocare group, making it the third clinic in The Netherlands (after Nijmegen and The Hague) to offer neurocare ’s evidence-based and personalised neuromodulation protocols in mental healthcare/ The clinic in Hengelo, run by Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Johan Fekkes, opened in 2005, initially offering Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback service. The clinic became recognised as a certified mental health institution in generalised and specialised care in 2013.

Brain Dynamics Hengelo, now neurocare, offers comprehensive diagnostic assessments of both children and adults. The practice is experienced in treating Children with developmental disorders, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety Disorders as well as Depression. Services are also offered to adults, mostly seen for anxiety disorders, depression and personality disorders.

In addition to offering Psychotherapy, the Hengelo clinic is experienced in neuromodulation, particularly for the treatment of ADHD in neurobiological related disorders and will expend its delivery of rTMS as a therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Brain Dynamics Hengelo is a certified Institution for Post Master education in Psychotherapy.

The practice is staffed by three Psychotherapists, two master psychologists, an administrative assistant as well as a lab specialist supervision QEEG Assessments.

You can find out more about the clinic here.


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