Industry Leader and rTMS Pioneer, Stanford W. Miller, Joins neurocare group

Jul 5, 2016 - neurocare group

From June 1, 2016, U.S. based rTMS clinical use pioneer Stanford W. Miller will lead the neurocare group’s expansion into North America as Managing Director.

Stanford joins the company with extensive experience in medical technology development, marketing and reimbursement and now will drive best care delivery for patients suffering from major depression and other disorders of the brain using non-invasive neuromodulation technologies.

Since the early 1980s Stan has held a variety of senior positions within therapeutic medical device companies. Stanford became a well-recognised pioneer in bringing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) technology from the laboratory into routine clinical practice.  rTMS is now widely available and reimbursed for the treatment of treatment resistant major depression in the US having been cleared by the FDA in Oct 2008. In the US, rTMS technology is the only widely reimbursed non-invasive neuromodulation therapy for patients suffering from major depression. In addition to its unique non-systemic, brain circuit specific method of action, rTMS provides excellent clinical outcomes with industry leading sustainability.

In 2001 Stan was instrumental in cofounding Neuronetics, Inc, Malvern, PA, developer of the first rTMS technology for a neuropsychiatric therapeutic application.

"Stanford's extensive experience in our industry has helped him conclude the integrated therapy concept offered by neurocare Group’s clinics is the future of treating debilitating mental health and other neurological conditions” said Thomas Mechtersheimer, Executive Chairman of neurocare group. “The key driving forces at neurocare are treatment efficacy, use of best technology and robust medical education services. Stanford will be a key addition to neurocare's senior leadership team and we warmly welcome him. We are excited to continue our global expansion by now offering our unique care delivery model to the citizens of North America” said Thomas Mechtersheimer.


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