Exploring Theta Burst Stimulation in TMS Therapy, with Dr Leo Chen

Feb 14, 2024 - neurocare group

In this latest podcast release, neurocare’s Dr Trevor Brown speaks with Dr Leo Chen, an Australian psychiatrist known for his expertise in Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) within Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy.

Dr. Chen shares insights taken from his extensive research and clinical practice using Theta Burst Stimulation, a type of fast pulse protocol in TMS Therapy, in patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression. They discuss the intricacies of different TMS firing patterns and its potential impact on cortical activation and brain function. Of particular interest is Dr. Chen's exploration of the evolution of TMS research, driven by his interactions with patients and a commitment to evidence-based practice. His work, including a comprehensive comparison of various TMS protocols such as intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation (iTBS), has contributed significantly to advancing our understanding of TMS applications, particularly in treating patients with depression.

This conversation may be of interest to medical and mental healthcare professionals to gain valuable insights into the practical implications of TBS in clinical settings, as well as for patients who are looking to be more informed about TMS therapy and the effectiveness/efficacy of different techniques used in practice.

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About Dr. Chen

Dr. Leo Chen holds the roles of Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at Monash University, Head of the Brain Stimulation Lab, and Psycho-pharmacology Research Units at Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre. He further contributes as the Director of Postgraduate Psychiatry Training at Alfred Health.

Dr. Chen is active in advancing research, training, and clinical practice in the field of psychiatry and brain stimulation therapy.

About the series:

The neurocare group is a global network of experts in neuroscience, psychology, and engineering, with a mission to empower best practices and bring innovative and sustainable mental health techniques to more patients in need through our network of clinics. Through this interview series, the head of the neurocare Academy, Dr Trevor Brown, interviews leading minds in this field, to present the state of research and possibilities and effective models of care in mental health and cognitive performance.

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