Klaus Schellhorn

Group Head of EEG & tES Technologies
Founder & Managing Director of neuroConn GmbH

Klaus Schellhorn has extensive experience in neurostimulation, neurofeedback and EEG technology. He co-founded neuroConn in 2000 as an extension of his research in the Biomedical Engineering Department of Technical University of Ilmenau. Since then, he has applied his expertise and management skills to serve as the company’s Managing Director.

As the Managing Director of neuroConn, Klaus oversees R&D, production, services, and purchasing and quality assurance within the technology business unit of neuroCare Group.  In this role, he engages with major opinion leaders and works collaboratively with medical institutions around the world to deliver technology solutions for practice and research.

Mr. Schellhorn is a well-known, respected industry insider and technology developer in the areas of non-invasive Neurostimulation and Neuromodulation, particularly in closed-loop device systems.

In his rare spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and playing classical and jazz trumpet.



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