High-power mono-phasic TMS for diagnostic and research use

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Smallest most compact design in class
Integrated display for stimulation intensity and simulator status
Full control via coils, computer or external TTL
Controlable by third-party applications via API (optional)
Upgradeable to a paired pulse TMS with second MP stimulator
Highest repetitive rate for Mono-phasic high power system
Durable and robust design with low-fail rate capacitors


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Product Specifications DuoMAG MP
Pulse mode monophasic
Dimensions 49 cm x 19 cm x 38 cm
Weight without trolly and coil 14.5 kg
Frequency of stimulation at intensity of 100% 0.5 Hz
Frequency of stimulation at intensity of 100% 1.4 Hz
Maximum repetition rate 2 Hz
Pulse width (rise / decay) 100 µs / 1 ms
Coil Compatibility Deymed coils
Mains voltage 100-240 Vac. 50/60 Hz
Synchronization TTL in/out and/or USB
Communication USB full control, control on coil

For research projects

Combines two DuoMAG® MP units to provide fully programmable paired pulse stimulation through a single stimulating coil.


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Learn to apply TMS

neurocare academy has an online course on rTMS for the treatment of Depression and OCD in both clinical and research settings. The course also covers the use of EEG and QEEG to predict and optimize treatment outcomes.  This can then be followed by a practical workshops at one of our training centres worldwide. 

Our workshop "Advanced Neurostimulation Techniques" provides researchers, academics and clinicians a deeper insight in our available solutions for brain stimulation and its combination with neuroimaging methods. Supervised by our specialists this workshop offers hands-on training on Multi-Channel tES, TMS-navigation and the combination of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques with EEG technology.