Clinical supervision of neurofeedback application

Are you trying to integrate a new neurofeedback device (e.g. THERA PRAX®) into your daily working practice? Even with good training and preparation we know you may still have more questions about the practical use of a new device.

neuroCare is able to help practitioners get to grips with a range of neurofeedback applications. We offer clinical supervision on the application of neurofeedback, providing you with competent advice and professional assistance in your specific field:

  • We help practitioners overcome technical and therapy-related problems.
  • We can answer questions relating to the use of neurofeedback.
  • We can advise on specific patient cases and therapy situations.

As a first step we can assess the quality of your EEG measurement data and help you improve this with useful tips for the operation of the device during calibration and therapy. First-time users can often experience uncertainty using a neurofeedback device, and may need guidance on specific patient-cases; we are therefore happy to discuss individual patient-cases and help you find a solution.

This supervision usually takes place by telephone. We can also, with your permission, dial into your device remotely. This allows us to see your EEG recordings and analyses directly; we can then assess them and give you feedback straightaway. You are, of course, also welcome to visit us in person.

We see this supervision as a practical addition to our education and training servicse. If we think further education would be beneficial to you, we can recommend appropriate courses at our neuroCademy.

It is likely you have already financed a number of supervised hours with your purchase of a THERA PRAX® MOBILE, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

  • Most customers need four supervised hours in the first three months, then an average of one hour every two months.
  • We offer supervision in both English and German.
  • Pricing information is provided upon request, a reduced rate is possible for a batch order of (e.g.) eight hours.
  • Educational courses and supervised hours can be included in the leasing contract when purchasing a THERA PRAX®.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or wish to discuss a particular case with us.


Tel.: +49 89 215 471 2998