Drs. Rosalinde van Ruth

Managing Director & Clinical Psychologist
neurocare Clinics,  Netherlands

Rosalinde van Ruth is a registered clinical psychologist-psychotherapist. She earned her Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Radboud University of Nijmegen, graduating in 1999. Alongside her practice, she also worked towards two further postgraduate degrees, becoming a specialist in 2006.

Rosalinde’s goal is to help patients through a specialised combination of best care techniques, personalised care, research-based studies, and a small-team approach to mental health care. She is particularly experienced in diagnosing and treating patients with complex depressive, anxiety, and personality disorders. This includes taking roles as a cognitive-behavioural, and group therapist, working for a number of mental health institutions, small practices, and hospitals.

Having worked as team leader of a hospital psychiatric department, she gained valuable leadership experience in the role that helped her transition to Brainclinics in 2007.  In her first position — supervisor of therapeutic practices —  Rosalinde pushed the organisation forward in terms of innovation and leadership. In 2017, Rosalinde completed her MBA at the Twente School of Management in Enschede, consolidating her practice experience and leadership skills.

In 2016, Rosalinde became director of the neurocare group’s Clinics in the Netherlands. Her key management responsibilities are all undertaken with a focus on keeping the organisation at the forefront of modern healthcare techniques.  The business has benefitted from Rosalinde’s dedication to helping patients manage their mental health challenges through rigorous best-practice standards and cutting-edge research.

When Rosalinde isn’t working, she’s raising two daughters with her partner. She also loves the arts, attending the theatre and concerts wherever possible while keeping her health up with regular walks and yoga.



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