World Mental Health Day 2016

The 10th of October marked "World Mental Health Day", also a part of "Mental Health Week" in Australia and many other countries. The day encourages the public to speak openly about mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.  Hashtags like #light-up-purple and #worldmentalhealthday have been trending on Facebook and Twitter as messages of support and awareness are shared all over the world.

While the open discussions on social media are welcomed, experts say awareness about mental health needs to go beyond simply sharing a social media post or using a hashtag if the stigma attached to the issue is to be dismantled.

The day has also drawn attention to the role government and business play in ensuring mental health is taken as seriously as physical health.

On behalf of the neuroCare Group, Executive Chairman Thomas Mechtersheimer addressed the need for scientifically valid and sustainable alternatives to treating mental health:

"On the occassion of the World Mental Health Day we should remember that all too often, people with mental illnesses do not get sustainable and satisfactory help from existing treatment options and are on a journey that lasts many years without true progress. At neuroCare we are passionate about providing such an option. Together with the community of therapists and carers out there we offer a scientificly proven, side-effect free and drug-free alternative. We will persist to help more people suffering from depression and other neurologcial disorders."

Founder & Executive Chairman, neuroCare Group, Thomas Mechtersheimer

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