Neuromodulation - Innovations at ARAB HEALTH 2020

"neuroCare is delivering on its mission to bring best practice and holistic mental health and performance solutions to patients, clinicians and researchers alike. We now treat an average of 1,500 patients per year in our own clinics and serve many customers in their clinics and in research." 
Thomas Mechtersheimer, CEO of neuroCare Group

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neuroCare Solutions at ARAB HEALTH Joint booth of Thuringia/Germany, # Z4B26, hall 4

Evidence matters! Improve the brain's ability to self-regulate:
Evidence-based neurofeedback techniques provide clinically evaluated therapies for ADHD, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, migraine and epilepsy. With neuroConn technology you can rely on the world standard in SCP neurofeedback.

Evidence matters! Modulate brain activity in a therapy-oriented way:
Transcranial stimulation with weak direct current (tDCS) is well investigated and provides therapies with low side effects. Positive effects are seen in the treatment of depression, pain, craving as well as motor and speech rehabilitation.

Evidence matters! Improve sleep:
The role of sleep in mental health is undisputed. Sleep disorders can be detected with modern actigraphy and treated efficiently with neuromodulatory therapies such as SMR neurofeedback.

Evidence matters! Optimizing therapies through qEEG:
Neuropsychological and electro­physiological tests during the recording of the quantitative EEG serve as a basis for therapy decisions and for monitoring ongoing therapies. We show you the advantages of optimized therapy planning and control.

Improve cognitive performance:
Cognitive training with MyBrainTrianing® helps to improve performance and is also fun. The training is economical, up-to-date and adaptive. Many relevant functional areas are trained with the 30 training tasks.

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