neurocare group AG takes next step towards IPO

neurocare AG announces change of legal form, its new Supervisory and Executive board and appoints Dr. Thomas Rudolf to the Executive Board

neurocare is pleased to announce that as of 12 March 2021, neuroCare Group GmbH was registered as a german public company under the name neurocare Group AG.

With this legal change the company announces its new supervisory board to consist of Paul Koenig (Chairman), Dirk Mohrmann and Margot Hurwitz. The executive board (Vorstand) will continue to be led by founder and CEO Tom Mechtersheimer as well as include Dr Alexander Zobel, the group CFO and COO of its Digital Therapeutics Division. In addition, coming into effect 1st April, neurocare announces the appointment of Dr. Thomas Rudolf to the company’s executive board (Vorstand) as the COO for its global clinics’ division.

Thomas brings long term experience from the healthcare clinics market. He has spent nearly seven years at Sana Kliniken AG, a private hospital group from Germany, before becoming a shareholder and board member at Oberender AG in 2013, one of the leading management consultancies focusing on M&A, growth and management contracts for hospitals.

“I am excited and honored to join neurocare at an important inflection point” said Thomas. “With its unique Digital therapeutics (DTx) platform that enables best practice, it provides clinicians and patients alike with the best evidence based and sustainable outcomes. neurocare’s integrative approach is increasingly relevant, with the Covid-19 pandemic causing all the more demand in mental health. When doing due diligence for a potential investor I realized that neurocare has laid the foundations for solid, long-term growth which I now look forward to be a part of.”

Mr. Tom Mechtersheimer, Founder and CEO of neurocare Group, is delighted to welcome Thomas: “The appointment of Dr. Rudolf will further drive our growth in clinics and digitalized processes, allowing myself and Dr Zobel to focus more on the development of our DTx platform and most importantly on the planned IPO next.”

Paul Koenig, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of neurocare group AG said “We are delighted to welcome Dr Rudolf. His energy and enthusiasm will greatly assist us in growing our highly efficient clinic network. Both in the supervisory and the executive board we continue to build a well balanced and globally experienced team covering the needs of a fast growing business targeting an IPO in the near future.”


About neurocare

neuroCare is innovating mental health and performance. It is the first digital therapeutics (DTx) platform of its kind empowering clinicians to deliver best practice. Following a detailed assessment we develop personalised therapy and performance plans that lead to best and most sustainable outcomes.

neuroCare’s objective and measurable approach is based on our natural ability to learn (neuroplasticity) adding technology and clinical SOP's to speed up that learning. Because this approach enables individuals to improve their self-regulation it is a sustainable solution. Our leading response rates are published in reputated scientific journals.

There is a huge need with over 800 million people suffering from mental health issues and hundreds of millions suffering from sleeping issues. Performance and stress management for high performing individuals are also largely untapped markets. neurocare is a true impact investment, ready to be scaled fast to match a significant increase in demand due to the COVID pandemic.

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