First rTMS Workshops in Singapore and Sydney

Leading expert on personalised rTMS, Dr. Martijn Arns visits Asia-Pacific for 2-Day practitioner workshops

The technique of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has become increasingly sought-after as a sustainable and drug-free intervention for MDD and OCD and neuroCademy is soon to present its first 2-day professional training course in Singapore and Sydney this August (2017).

Dr. Martijn Arns, CSO of neuroCare Group and experienced course instructor, will be in the Asia-Pacific to deliver the 2-day workshops for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and related medical practitioners.

For more than fifteen years Dr. Arns has pioneered the application of EEG based personalized medicine and rTMS in combination with psychotherapy with a a 55% remission rate in treatment resistant depression. A special feature of this course is the personalization of antidepressant treatments and rTMS using EEG and QEEG, as well as personalization or rTMS using Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS.

General Manager for Australia & New Zealand, Florian Pietzsch, looks forward to putting on the course in the brand-new facilities of neuroCare's clinic and training centre in Sydney.

"We are very excited to have someone of Dr. Arns' calibre come to us in Sydney and deliver these training courses. Martijn is a one-of-a-kind speaker with an impressive list of research and practice in rTMS, Depression and OCD."

neuroCademy's practitioner training courses are frequently held in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and Munich (Germany) and have been attended by more than 1000 participants from over 30 countries.

neuroCare Group will expand its delivery of training events in the coming years with more and more training centres and clinical facilities operating worldwide.

rTMS for Depression & New Developments with Dr. Martijn Arns
2-Day Course

neuroCademy's 2-day rTMS Course includes hands-on practice with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices.

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